Candidate FAQs

Does your firm specialize in filling certain types of positions?
JagHire prides itself on its capability to recruit for just about any open position. We have built a diverse team of Recruiters with extensive staffing experience from a variety of industries.

What types of companies or industry sectors do you specialize in?
Jaghire is known a Generalist Agency. We cater to all industries that seek a quick and reliable staffing solution. Our client base is made up of a wide array of Companies in multiple industry sectors. Whether it is a small startup, medium sized business or Fortune 500 organization, Jaghire fully understands the cultural differences of its clients and insures that the candidates we place are a perfect fit both technically and personally.

What skill set do I require to apply for a position at JagHire?
Generally speaking, since we cater to a variety of industries and positions, there are no specific skill sets we require in order to apply for a position. We suggest you browse some of our current openings to see if there is anything currently available that you feel suited for, otherwise please send us your resume via email on the Contact page and we will match it up in our database with the next relevant position that opens.

How many years of experience are required?
It depends upon the position, and the employer's needs. Our positions can range from Entry-level to Senior Executive.

Do I need to have a college degree?
It certainly can’t hurt. Certain professions absolutely require it; however, there are circumstances where industry specific experience may be equally acceptable.

Do you handle temporary and part time jobs?
Absolutely, we will never turn down an assignment. We handle Temp, Project-based Consulting and Full-time Employee placement.

Do I need to provide references?
Yes, it is essential that you have at least 2 professional references from individuals to whom you have reported to. These will be requested at the appropriate stage in the interview process.

Do I pay a fee?
No, the organization that hires you pays the fee.

Can you get me a job on the TV Show JAG?
Sorry but the final episode of JAG was filmed in 2005. At this time we have not heard of any plans for a restart of filming.

Have another question?
Give us a call at 516-596-8967 or contact us online.