Employer FAQs

How do we get started?
First, we discuss your recruitment needs, what you have tried in the past, and what challenges have you met along the way. Next, we will create a proposal around that conversation as well as provide you with recruitment solutions to help streamline your process.

How do you find your candidates?
JagHire has a large database of contacts that we have built and refined through the years. Our recruiters use our internal database of passive and active candidates along with networking, and social media to identify the best candidate for the position.

How fast can you find us someone?
The time frame is dependent upon your candidate qualifications and job requirements, availability, and internal processes. Our greatest success stories have been built on creating strong partnerships with our clients. We rely heavily on your feedback to direct us in our endeavor to find the best match.

What type of positions do you recruit for? Jaghire covers a wide spectrum of positions from the following industries:

  • Technology / Computer / Telecommunications
  • Sales / Marketing / Retail
  • HealthCare / Medical / Dental
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech
  • Executive
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain / Logistics / Transportation
  • Operations / Production / Quality Control
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping / HR
  • Finance / Banking / Mortgage
  • Insurance

I have recruitment needs outside of the sectors mentioned above. Can JagHire assist us?
Absolutely, we are trained recruiters with 10 years of collective recruitment experience. We have the expertise, and know how to fill any position outside our specialty areas, as long as we have a clear understanding of your needs. We would schedule an in-depth conversation with your hiring authority to learn the requirements and qualifications needed to create a longstanding and successful fit. Once the needs analysis has been conducted, we task our research team and account managers to identify, locate, and qualify the best prospects for your open job opportunities.

What types of recruitment arrangements does JagHire provide?
Depending on the employer's needs, we will work on a contingency or a retainer basis. We will conduct a needs analysis to determine the best arrangement for your company. For contractors/consultants that are paid hourly, we can either place the candidate by you at an agreed upon marketable rate and handle all payroll or the candidate can be entirely under your payroll and we will charge a fee based on the amount of hours billed every month for the duration of the assignment.

Will you be our temporary internal recruiters?
Most definitely. We can place a qualified recruiter on an interim basis.

Have another question?
Email us: employers@jaghire.com