What makes a Great Recruiter?

Top Recruiters know their job is to be a matchmaker and not a salesman. Here are the qualities

found only in the world’s best recruiters!

Match People not Paper

Recruiting is much more than just matching a job description with a resume. It is about matching people with people, and matching a person with a team.

When an HR manager calls with an open position, the successful recruiter will take the time to gain a real and deep understanding of the ideal person that needs to be recruited.

Under promise and over deliver!

Great Recruiters do not brag about their database of candidates, or promise they will find the perfect candidate. They prefer to let their hard work recruiting the perfect candidate for the job, speak for itself.

When speaking with recruits, the same applies. They do not try overselling the recruit on the job or the company that is hiring. And never promise the recruit a job, when it is the company’s hiring manager who will make the decision.

Respect clients time

The great recruiters find out the time frame and stick to it. They share with the hiring manager how much time they will need. They will not tell the company, I will find someone next week if they can not deliver as promised.

When speaking with candidates, they share with them the timeframe for receiving an answer from the company. Top recruiters know that candidates hate being kept waiting and even worse when they do not tell them the position was filled.

Listen First, Then Ask Questions

A great recruiter knows; companies will share plenty of information about the job, all they must do is listen. They ask the question; what else can you tell me, so I can find the perfect candidate? And then listen.

Understand the Job Description

Top recruiters know that the ideal candidate to recruit for a programmer position at Google, is not the same person to recruit for the programmer position at Zynga. The job title and job description may look the same however to find the perfect candidate they familiarize themselves with the company’s corporate culture and internal structure.

Slick & Sleazy gets you nowhere

Honesty and integrity is what brings success. This applies to your dealings with CEO’s, HR Directors, and recruitment candidates. When in doubt, tell the truth.

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